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Are you a good Story Teller?

A few weeks back I received an email from a parent who felt the session her son was doing with one of my APA coaches was not individually tailored to her son’s needs.  Individualisation is one of the key principles of training- as you can see in the graphic below it is also a key […]

Is Your Training Sport Specific?

There are two comments or requests that parents regularly make to me.  The first one is about lifting weights- some parents are against their child doing anything more than bodyweight until after puberty so want to check that I won’t be doing that.  That conversation usually happens before we start working together.  I think I’ll […]

5 reasons to do General training

In the last blog we looked at Transfer of Training in Sports and focused on two key aspects- Improved Sports Performance and Achievement of Physical Normalisation.  You can also think of this in terms of: motor skills (cognitive) and physical skills (physiological). I’ve written several blogs on topics related to early specialisation, sports specific training, and […]

Transfer of Training in Sports- from the gym to the court

I’ve not been posting so much in recent months- very much a case of being in the business rather than working on the business I’m afraid.  But I’ve still spent plenty of time reflecting about my training philosophy since my visits to PaceLab and Portugal. Yesterday I was invited to attend a Pixolar inspired ”Brain […]

Get Fit to Play Sport- Don’t Play Sport to Get Fit

In this blog article I am going to talk about some of my reflections since returning from my week in Portugal, where I was attending the ‘‘International Meeting for High Performance in Training” October 15th-20th. This was a conference unlike no other I have been to.  I wanted to go for several reasons.  Yes, the […]

Fitness Testing for Tennis with Tennisbrothers

For the last two weeks I have been testing Felix Mischker of Tennisbrothers social media fame as part of our new collaboration to get him in peak physical condition and share his fitness journey with our communities. Check out our first two videos below   Video 1 Video 2   Where I am next presenting? […]

My visit to PaceLab

This blog is the final instalment in my three part series.  In Part 1 we reviewed the principles of Motor Learning and the concepts of Variation as a form of Overload.  We also looked at the concept of Isometric muscle actions forming the basis of strength training for skill transfer of complex movements that take […]

Does Periodisation even work?

Part 2- The Bondarchuk principles of Periodisation Does Periodisation even work? It’s a surprisingly valid question to ask.   As we saw in the last blog Frans Bosch challenges a coaches’ tendency to view adaptations in a predictable linear fashion.  The body’s response to training is unpredictable.  All we have established so far is that periodisation […]

What can Tennis learn from Fast Bowlers?

On the 16th and 17th July I went down to Wellington School, Wellington, Somerset to attend the first two days of Steffan Jone’s Pacelab training camp for a group of fast bowlers. For those of you who haven’t been following my tweets and posts on social media I have been taking the time recently to […]

APA are recruiting!!

This year Athletic Performance Academy (APA) have exciting partnerships with a number of fantastic organisations.  We are looking for inspirational, honest, professional and courageous strength & conditioning coaches to join our team. Part-time Paid roles: We are recruiting part-time strength & conditioning coaches at the following venues.     Gosling Tennis Academy Details: Welwyn Garden […]