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How to write an Annual Plan for Dummies

In this blog I am going to be summarising the latest Episode of Daz Dee TV- Episode 5 Periodisation. I am slowly getting better at giving the elevator pitch- the 30-second summary of what APA’s Training Philosophy is all about.  Only this week I had decided to put a four page summary up on the […]

Why Masters degree graduates are still on Minimum Wage!

It’s getting to the final stages of the academic year for many under graduates and post graduates.  I have a number of interns working within Athletic Performance Academy and it got me thinking about what kind of opportunities there are on the horizon for them as they go into the job market. So this post […]

Peak Height Velocity- Maturity Estimation Calculation

Why is Peak Height Velocity (PHV) important? For many years I have tracked the height of the young athletes I work with.  I would do it by simply observing how many centimetres each year an athlete had grown.  I was taught that a typical amount of growth per year for a child was around 5cm. […]

Child to Champion 2017 Conference Review

Last weekend, I attended the Child to Champion LTAD conference in Gloucester. It was hosted by ProFormance which is run in the UK by James Baker & in the US by Mike Young.  For those of you who couldn’t make it please find below a few bullet-point notes from the sessions I attended.  I will go […]

Motor Learning Concepts all coaches need to know about

Streamed live on 18 Nov 2015 Dr. Mike Young: Motor Learning Concepts All Coaches Should Know & Understand I encourage everyone to have a look at this webinar.  Below are the summary notes I have written having watched it myself. What is Skill? In the field, ”be able to accomplish a task with great movement efficiency.” […]

Youth Training ideas- Fundamentals of Movement

For anyone who follows this blog you know that I am passionate about Youth Strength & Conditioning and applying sound principles based on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) models.  At this part of the training phase (term 2 in the academic timetable) January-April, it is a pretty fun time.  All my interns have spent the first […]

What is sport specific fitness?

If you’re like me you love to play sport, the competitive challenge of testing your skills and physical attributes against a worthy opponent. Sport is a fast paced affair- and anyone who plays sport loves the speed of the game. I was recently talking to one of my coaches and he was raving about some of […]

FREE Videos for Christmas!

Hi All. As it’s Christmas I thought I would put some more FREE content for you and share some drills you can use with your athletes to improve their Skill. Physical Literacy You’ve probably heard me mention it a lot on this blog but skill is a vital part of Fitness- Istan Balyi first described […]

Reaction Speed Drills for Athletes

I just wanted to give you some more FREE content courtesy of APA.  This week I put together a little video series of Reaction Speed drills. It is not the first time I have referred to Reaction Speed- or cognitive/perceptual training.  I have written several blogs on it: Perception is the new frontier of athletics […]