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How physically literate are your children?

At Athletic Performance Academy (APA), our strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches specialise in working with both youth and adult populations. We work with groups and individuals to build strong foundations in physical literacy, physical preparedness and injury prevention.

We ensure individuals are equipped to excel in which ever physical pathway they choose. It is no secret that physical inactivity amongst young people has increased over the last decade, along with the associated health problems. Through our extensive experience working in professional sport over the last 15 years, we have a track record of helping everyone achieve their goals. Everyone from the child who lacks confidence to play sport or the professional athlete, we have worked with them and know what it takes.

Our mantra is ‘Building Confidence through Confidence.’Children who are obese when they leave primary school have an 80% chance of staying obese throughout secondary school. We provide young people with the fundamental skills to move effectively, and the confidence to do so. Our S&C coaches are experts at making individuals fitter, faster and stronger so that they have the opportunity and confidence to be more physically active or excel at their sport.

Junior Academy 4-5pm Gosling Sports Park from £35 pcm

Sessions per WeekAnnual12 Months6 Months3 Months
  • Group classes (up to 16 in a group). Choose from twice per week or unlimited
  • Packages are £4, £5 or £6 per session. Drop in Session £7.50 per session

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