Online Coaching Packages

We want to offer Online Coaching so we can help more people and not be bound by our geographical location!  We want to give everyone an APA training experience.  We maximise the training process so it is as close to live and in person training as it can be.  This is more than online programming, it is online coaching!

Be prepared for the demands of Sport

When you play sport at the highest level, you need to be in peak physical conditionAt Athletic Performance Academy (APA), our strength and conditioning (S&C) coaches specialise in working with both youth and adult populations. We work with groups and individuals who want to get fit for their sport. That means we make you fitter, faster and stronger so you can excel at sport.

We are Industry Leaders in Training world class athletes

We work with some of the best athletes in the world from young athletes all the way to the pros. Our programmes build strong foundations in physical literacy, physical preparedness and injury prevention. All of our training methods are based on the latest sport science research but more importantly than that, they are tried and tested on our elite athletes so we know they get results!

How can we help?

Online Coaching

The aim of online coaching is to make it as close to Personal training as it can be! This is now possible due to the power of modern technology and a little bit of effort on your part to update us on your progress via video.  You will still have an assessment which you will self administer and record.  You will still get a individualised programme.  Most importantly, you will still get an Online trainer to check in with you each month to assess your progress and cheer your success!

Making the best better APA offer online training for athletes who want to get fit for their sport. Our holistic programmes are designed to maximise your athletic potential. These focused training sessions will enable you to be prepared for the demands of your sport, making you fitter, faster and stronger.

Athlete monitoring – APA are used to the pressure of delivering results in elite sport. To make sure your programme is working you will be fitness tested quarterly. You will also do a mini progress check during the first session of every month. This way you are motivated to keep improving and do everything we ask you to do!

Building a complete athlete APA recognise that training the same way all the time can become boring. All APA training methods are based on a holistic approach to getting fit. You will experience a variety of training methods including mobility work, power training, speed training, strength training and endurance.

Individualisation  Everyone who aspires to be their athletic best will be on a different part of the journey. No two athletes are the same so rest assured that we will determine from the very beginning exactly where you need to start and programme a long term plan to get you where you want to be! Every athlete will be screened before starting any of our programmes.


Online Coaching Package – from £75pcm

Type of PackageIncluded in Package12 Months6 Months3 Months
Gold4-week Programme, 4 emails per month and 1 Skype call£150£175£200
Silver4-week programme, and 4 emails per month£100£125£150
Bronze4-week programme and 2 emails per month£75£87.50£100
  • Fitness test at beginning of each month
  • Individual goal setting based on feedback
  • Email coaching from once to four times per month
  • Skype call available on Gold package

4 Week Programme only

Some of our clients are looking for a hybrid coaching package.  They are already having in person sessions once or twice a week but are looking for guidance on exactly what to do on the days that they are being coached by us.

We offer an individualised 4 week Programme which includes daily workouts with full video support via our online training portal.

  • Pay as You Go – £50/month – paid via monthly invoice
  • Pay In Full – £37.50/month – paid via single invoice for £450

How do I get started?

Online Coaching

Before beginning any of our online training services potential clients are asked to a complete the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q).  You will also fill in the Client-Trainer Agreement

You will also need to post Video clips of your Assessment on your client area of the membership site for your trainer to review.  On review they will then write your 4 week programme.

30 minute FREE consultation

Before beginning any of our online training services potential clients are invited to a FREE 30-minute consultation to discuss your goals and motivations in more detail.  During this time we will present different programme options to you.  Provided you like what we have to offer, we’ll ask you to make a decision about committing to your goals and one of our programmes.  You can answer yes or no, and either answer is okay.

Should you wish to go ahead we will review all your paperwork in more detail.

The first session will be your first training session and will usually include time spent familiarising you with the mobility drills and exercises in your programme to build great habits for the rest of the block.

To find out more please contact APA Directer Daz Drake at