WimX Tennis Academy – Sept 2022


About Me:

My name is Sami Huseyin. I’m 25 years old and an aspiring Strength and Conditioning Coach. I completed my Sport Science undergrad and Strength and Conditioning Masters at the university of Brighton.  Growing up, I was immersed in sport and was so lucky to have it around me. This installed a greater understanding of how youth sport provides both vital physical and mental development and one of the many reason as to why I want to pursue a career in long term athlete development. I’m keen to constantly develop my knowledge and interpersonal skills as a practitioner and a coach. 



During and post my university education, I have developed a wide range of experiences interning at Eastbourne College, Move4Sport and more recently, Crawley Town FC. In June 2022, I undertook a month long full time temporary cover of Head of S&C at WimX Tennis academy of which I thoroughly enjoyed.  In September 2022 I have started this role as a permanent position.


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