My name is Scott Dodman and I am presently studying for a BSC honours degree in sports therapy. My interest started in sports at a very young age when I started playing football and participating in other school activities. At the age of 16 I decided to invest my hard earned pocket money in qualifying as a lifeguard. This enabled me to get a job at the local swimming pool and my journey into the world of work and sport began.

I quickly realised that if you put in the hard work and dedication required it would enable me to follow a career path I could not only enjoy, but excel in. When I left school, I proceeded to study BTEC College and alongside this I signed up to becoming a gym instructor progressing on to become a personal trainer.

Since joining APA in May 2014 it has inspired me to move forward with my skills as an S & C coach. Just prior to joining APA I passed my level 2 qualification in S & C, but have aspirations to progress to the highest level, therefore I cannot only improve my teaching but continue my own professional development. Alongside this my interest in tennis itself has prompted me to undertake the level one and two tennis coach award to become a tennis coach. My long-term goal is to progress to the level 3 so that this is another area I can offer. It also helps me understand the demands made upon tennis players, with this in mind my S &C coaching will enhance the player’s overall performance.

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