Gosling Tennis Academy – January 2022


About me:

My name is Thanos Tzoumaris, I am 26 years old and I am from Greece. I completed my BSc degree in Sports Science specialising in Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. In 2019 I moved to England and completed my MSc degree in Strength and Conditioning at the University of Brighton.



In my previous Strength and Conditioning roles, I have worked in a wide variety of sports at club and university level, including football, basketball, hockey, rugby, tennis and Olympic weightlifting. I have also completed an internship as a Lecturers Assistant during my postgraduate studies, where I delivered practical lectures for undergraduate Sports Science students in field testing and Olympic weightlifting.


For the last 3 years I have been working as a Strength and Conditioning Coach in tennis. I have coached players of all ages and ability, ranging from beginner, to county, as well as regional and pro level. In my current role, I am the Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach at Gosling Tennis Centre, where I support aspiring tennis players, pro players and athletes who want to study in American colleges


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