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Welcome to APA Training. When you play sport at the highest level, you need to be in peak physical condition. Athletic Performance Academy is at the forefront of delivering performance optimising physical training for athletes at a variety of levels.

Coach Education

Welcome to APA Education an area of the website completely dedicated to the education of coaches on the conditioning of the human body and the science behind it. APA education consists of qualifications, workshops and resources.

Coach Mentoring

Welcome to APA Mentoring, an area of the website completely dedicated to the development of coaches through APA’s 6 month mentoring programme, the fastest way to accelerate your learning guaranteed.

“Our goal at Gosling  is to offer our players the opportunity to the best they can be on and off the court, now and in the future. This means I have to assemble the best team. In APA and the programme they have designed, delivered and are continually improving  I believe I have found the best partner for our S&C programme”

– Matt Willcocks, Gosling Tennis Academy

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