GET STRONG – General Phase (Advanced Method)

These programmes are specifically designed for professional athletes and aspiring pros who are following a year round competition and training schedule and require the strength & conditioning support to change according to their needs at particular times in the season.

At APA we introduce our athletes to high performance training regimes with gradual exposure to increasingly demanding and intense forms of training.  Our Get Strong phase represents the second layer in our progressive intensification of training means.  As the name suggests, the phase is designed to build on the foundation of general fitness from the Basic Method, and include more Advanced training means to develop high levels of strength.


  • Focus on Multi directional speed (ability to change direction) and Heavy Sleds for Acceleration
  • Application of the technical model for deceleration to promote good quality recovery movement


  • Focus on Maximal strength with high loads and low volume
  • Application of General preparatory exercises (GPE) that develop global coordination of force in large muscle groups at forces that are closer to those found in competition


  • Focus on anaerobic capacity and power using Repeat Sprint Ability (RSA) means requiring 100% speed and incomplete recovery
  • Use of shuttle runs with sustained efforts applied over larger distances


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