STRENGTH METHODS – How to Hit Bigger Shots

These methods are specifically designed for professional athletes who are following a year round competition and training schedule and require the strength & conditioning support to change according to their needs at particular times in the season.  If APA 1.0 is our High Performance Training Method, then APA 2.0 is the fine tuning that enables us to squeeze the juice out of our most elite performers using highly targeted assessment and training means.

Peak Force – Single leg force capacity

  • Exercises that give us confidence that the player has a force reserve in on court high cost deceleration actions
  • Importance of force absorption for serve landing and high speed change of directions
  • Assessment of Peak Force using Leg Press or Knee Iso Push in Smith machine for quadriceps

Shoulder HHD – Local Muscle Capacity

  • Use of Hand held dynamometry to assess peak force of shoulder internal and external rotators
  • Shoulder internal rotation strength strongly correlated with serve racket velocity

Seated calf raise – The Forgotten Muscle

  • Lower limb stiffness is a critical quality of tennis movement
  • Exercises that give us confidence that the player has the required capacity reserve in key areas to support repeated tennis actions
  • Also important are trunk and groin