APA are launching another S&C workshop!!

APA will be presenting a FREE 2-hour workshop on the ‘Keys to a Successful S&C Programme,’ on September 18th 10am-12pm at Gosling Tennis Academy.  

It’s FREE and has 2 LTA Licence points up for grabs too!


5 numbers to live by


We will be covering a few different topics which includes but is not limited to principles of training, hours of tennis/S&C per week, training blocks per year and design of warm-ups, training sessions and fitness testing protocols.


If you are a tennis coach, S&C coach or aspiring S&C coach and are looking to find out more about what it takes to set up an S&C programme in your club or organisation, or you are simply interested to see what goes on behind the scenes of an S&C programme at an IHPC then you won’t want to miss this!


To confirm your place all you need to do is email Daz Drake at daz@apacoaching.co.uk with your full name.