Are You Planning Your Rest Days?

It’s tournament season for a lot of junior tennis players.

That can only mean one thing….lots of competitions.

It’s not uncommon for junior tennis players to compete throughout the five weeks of the British summer.

As the owner of an S&C coaching company it is my job to make sure our most committed players are planning sensible tournament schedules which include:

✅ Rest days following tournaments

✅ A week off for a complete rest

✅ Training days or weeks to top up physical qualities

It’s a balance that needs input from all the team (player, parents, tennis coach and s&c coach).

As a general rule, I encourage players to have:

➡️ a “half day” off every week

➡️ a “full day” off every week

➡️ three to five days mini break every 6 weeks

➡️ complete week off every 12 weeks.

It isn’t always possible to do it by the book….but the further away you get from the textbook rules, the more at risk the player is from mental burnout, fatigue and injury.

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