How To Stay Motivated

If you’re anything like me November feels like one of the more difficult months to stay motivated and productive.  It’s dark and wet and we are all kind of waiting for Christmas to kick. Many of us will get off track with our nutrition and training goals too.

”Movember” is an annual event involving the growing of moustaches during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancertesticular cancer, and men’s suicide

So it seems like a good time of the year to talk about how to stay motivated.  Being motivated means that I can stick to my meal plan, hit my workout and basically keep a fit lifestyle all year round.  Here are some of the things that have motivated me to train and improve my physique throughout my career.

  1. Rehab injuries in High School
  2. Get bigger in College
  3. Get leaner (Work as a Fitness model)
  4. Help others reach their fitness goals (Work as a Fitness Trainer)

You have to have a higher purpose for working out other than just to look good- that motivation will only last in the short term.  Even with a deeper purpose that doesn’t mean that you won’t have days when you don’t feel motivated.  So below are 6 Tips to help you stay motivated.

  1.  Have a workout partner
  2.  Hire a fitness trainer
  3.  Use an app like MyFitnesspal to track workout and nutrition progress
  4.  Get a Bodpod or Dexa scan test to measure your body composition
  5.  Have a vision board- the first and last thing you should see in the morning are pictures of things you want to achieve
  6.  Buy an outfit that you want to fit into


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