Why working in Tennis can be a challenge

Here’s a little video I gave to some of the Tennis coaches at Gosling Tennis Academy.  This last week different coaches took it in turns to do a presentation to update the rest of the team on some of the key points in the area they are looking after.


In  my personal role as Head of S&C of the Tennis Academy, I spoke about the development system we are using to help aspiring professionals achieve their athletic potential.  We also looked at some of the key challenges in Tennis.


Nutrition for Dummies

It’s been a few weeks since I wrote a Blog and thought I would just post a few thoughts on Nutrition.


I’ve been influenced a lot by Dr. Mike Rousell and his 6 Pillars of Nutrition which are a great foundation of a Healthy Diet.


The Healthy Diet:


1.  Eat 5-6 Times per Day


2. Eat Minimally Processed Foods Without Added Sugars


3. Eat Fruit and Vegetables  Throughout the Day


4. Drink more water and Calorie Free Beverages


5. Focus on Eating Lean Proteins


6. Be Strategic About Your Starches


For me these are the foundations of a healthy nutrition diet.  This would be a great set of rules to follow for sedentary every day people and also ATHLETES on their Non-Training days.  On this basis you limit your starchy carbohydrates to breakfast, drink plenty of water, have nuts as well as fruit & fat snacks instead of sweetened drinks, and try to minimise sugar and junk food!




I also had a great chat with Glenn Kearney at the National tennis Centre (NTC) in Roehampton about this and we discussed some of the key nutrition supplements.  Athletes are very active and on their Training days will typically eat starchy carbohydrates more often especially during and after the workout.  But they also have a need for a special type of nutrition called ‘Workout Nutrition.’


Workout Nutrition:


My athletes typically also use:


1.   Protein supplement- Optimum Nutrition Oats & Whey


2.  Amino acid supplement- ON Essential Amino Energy 


ON product image 2


3.  Omega 3 supplement


4. Caffeine tablets


5.  Probiotic


6.  Energy drink


ON product image 5


7.  Electrolyte drink


ON product image 3


Hope that gets you thinking about your own ideas on Healthy Eating as well as Workout Nutrition!