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Supplements for Athletes, Getting it Right!

This week’s post comes from APA coach Fabrizio Gargiulo, who gives us an absolutely excellent review of the latest advice on supplement use in sport.   The sports supplement industry is worth millions of pounds globally with a seemingly endless amount of products being offered to help boost performance in the gym and on the […]

Cutting Weight for Athletes

Many people have heard of the term to ‘cut weight’, this commonly refers to athletes in weight restricted sports such as martial arts, boxing and the newly popular MMA style of fighting. It could also apply to motor racing drivers, jockeys or athletes in other sports that wish to lose weight in a short period […]

Top 5 Hamstring Exercises

 The hamstrings are a group of muscles located at the back of the upper leg, there are 3 muscles in the group; semi-membranosus, semi-tendinosus, and the bicep femoris. They act to flex the knee and help extend the hip as well as combining to assist rotation of the knee. The hamstring muscles also play a […]

How to Bookend Your Workout- proper warm-ups and cool downs

This week’s Blog comes from APA coach Fabrizio Garguilo all about warming-up and cooling down. Warm-ups: It has been well established in the sports and fitness industry that a warm up should precede strenuous physical exercise, typically a light jog to stimulate some blood flood and some stretches to ‘loosen up’. However more recently advances […]

The Travelling Strength Coach

  This week’s guest blog comes from APA coach Fabrizio Gargiulo.  As the Easter weekend is upon us many of APA’s athletes will be on the road competing so this post will cover some of Fab’s thoughts on the role of the S&C coach during this time.   The world of professional (and at some […]

Influence of cognitive factors on physiological performance

What makes a great performer?   Our role at APA as S&C coaches is to create the best all round athletes possible. We do not specialise in just a single method of training as some other companies do (Parisi Speed School, West Coast Strength for example). Our niche is creating the best athletes on their […]

The Connected Body- Why you need to use Compound Exercises

Please enjoy our latest Blog contribution from APA coach Fabrizio Gargiulo         The human body is vastly complex, comprised of several ‘systems’. Some are commonly known, others less so. Today we take a look at one of these systems known as the Myofascial system. Most people understand the make up of the […]

Plyometrics – Don't Run Before You Can Walk!

Plyometrics training has been used for the past 50 years in athletic training and has been shown to increase jumping performance (Markovic, 2007) especially in dynamic power sports such as tennis, basketball, football and volleyball. For an exercise to be considered plyometric the use of the stretch shortening cycle by the active muscles must exist […]


RECOVERY – THE SECRET TO SUCCESS The stresses and strains of training hard are important to creating overload and adaptation in becoming a fitter, stronger and faster athlete. The approach to achieving gains is different in every sport and every person; however common themes and methods of training have been researched and shown to have […]

Coping with Injuries

Thanks once again to APA S&C Fabrizio Gargiulo for contributing another great Blog.  Fab will be running weekly blogs on the website for the foreseeable future so if you have a topic you would like Fab to write about then please drop us an email at info@athleticperformanceacademy.co.uk     Injuries are common place within sports […]