Helen K Emms


“Daz is a true craftsman and professional of his trade, one of a rare breed; those who actually seek to really understand the science they are working with in order to create the best learning and improvement programmes, and environments for his clients. If I was an S&C coach I would look to him to technically supervise my work and if I was an elite athlete I would want him as my coach. I have worked with Daz for nearly 10 years now and haven’t seen anyone in this business who I would rather work with.”


Helen K Emms Peak Performance Specialist (Author of Achieving Peak Performance in Tennis)

Knightsfield School


”Scott Dodman has worked at the school for approximately a year. As the school’s Additional Needs Co-coordinator I am responsible for making sure that pupils receive the provision required in their statement.


Scott takes one of these pupils twice a week for a one-to-one session. The pupil has cerebral palsy mainly affecting his lower limbs and needs daily physiotherapy. Using the physio guidelines, Scott has produced a detailed exercise programme that both challenges and engages the pupil. Recently one of these sessions was observed by the pupil’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist. They were very impressed by the imaginative exercises and activities and how much progress the pupil had made.


Scott is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of staff, who is always pushing himself and others to their full potential. As an ex-pupil he is an inspirational figure to all children at the school.”


KeithPoole, ANCo, Knightsfield School