Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Testimonials


”Had a great 4 days on the Level 2 S&C course with APA, the course was delivered in a fun, practical and easy to understand manner in a great learning environment. Any questions/problems I had were quickly sorted face to face or via email with the course leader.”

– Nathan Atlay


”I would like to thank you for all your work and helping me getting my Level 2 in S&C. I am now confident to safely deliver a program helping my athletes to get stronger and faster and most of all to stay injury free for as long as possible.

The course you delivered highlighted my lack of sufficient knowledge in the science behind the S&C and thanks to you I will be able to rectify this.”

Sebastien Scaux


”Thank you very much for tutoring a great course which I thoroughly enjoyed and will recommend to other coaches. The information was delivered with full professionalism and you also enhanced it with up to date research and examples.”

– Steve Green

Ed Corrie- World Top 250

Athletic Performance Academy


”Over the past three years I have been training at Gosling IHPC and have been lucky enough to work with the APA team for my strength and conditioning. Daz and his team have handled all of my S&C program, working closely with my coach and physio in order to understand my tournament schedule, tennis goals, and areas that need physical improvement. They have used their expertise to devise a very specific program for my body and my tennis game style. Through physical testing twice a year they have been able to give me detailed feedback and track my progress as well.


Whether I am back at base working with Daz, or on the road following his detailed program on my own, I have complete confidence in the work we are doing, and know that my job is to simply give them my full focus and effort. When I am in peak physical condition, I know I can compete at a high level for as long as it takes to get the job done. This gives me a lot of confidence which leads to me playing my best tennis. Working with the APA team, my overall fitness has been the best it has ever been which has been integral to my rise in the tennis rankings. Even though some of their sessions push me to the edge, we have always had a lot of fun along the way as well!”


Ed Corrie- CH World Ranked Top 250, British Top 10

University of Hertfordshire


”APA has been instrumental in furthering the developmental experiences of University of Hertfordshire Sports Studies students who have a chosen specialism in strength and conditioning. The opportunities provided for mentoring, training, hands on experience, and stimulating articles/evidence based advice via the website have been transformative for several of our past and current students. Daz Drake has also kindly delivered well received guest coaching practicals at the university based on his strength and conditioning philosophies, and powerfully fueled by his clear passion and enthusiasm for high quality cutting edge practice.”


David Turner, Principal Lecturer in Sports Coaching University of Hertfordshire

Helen K Emms


“Daz is a true craftsman and professional of his trade, one of a rare breed; those who actually seek to really understand the science they are working with in order to create the best learning and improvement programmes, and environments for his clients. If I was an S&C coach I would look to him to technically supervise my work and if I was an elite athlete I would want him as my coach. I have worked with Daz for nearly 10 years now and haven’t seen anyone in this business who I would rather work with.”


Helen K Emms Peak Performance Specialist (Author of Achieving Peak Performance in Tennis)

Knightsfield School


”Scott Dodman has worked at the school for approximately a year. As the school’s Additional Needs Co-coordinator I am responsible for making sure that pupils receive the provision required in their statement.


Scott takes one of these pupils twice a week for a one-to-one session. The pupil has cerebral palsy mainly affecting his lower limbs and needs daily physiotherapy. Using the physio guidelines, Scott has produced a detailed exercise programme that both challenges and engages the pupil. Recently one of these sessions was observed by the pupil’s physiotherapist and occupational therapist. They were very impressed by the imaginative exercises and activities and how much progress the pupil had made.


Scott is a dedicated and enthusiastic member of staff, who is always pushing himself and others to their full potential. As an ex-pupil he is an inspirational figure to all children at the school.”


KeithPoole, ANCo, Knightsfield School

Workshop Testimonials



”As well as providing a large collection of applicable drills, this course reinforces the basic sports science behind the physical training. It challenges the coach to be creative about warm ups, footwork, strength, speed and coordination training, and to constantly consider ways in which to monitor and challenge their player. The day refreshed my memory of the reasons I got into coaching and I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for developing young athletes. Thank you. ”

Clifford Devonshire, Licensed Tennis Coach.


”Thanks a lot for this excellent course. I have really enjoyed it and have taken a few points back with me.  I would be happy to come along your other courses.”

Sebastien Scaux, Licensed Tennis Coach


”I really enjoyed the workshop and felt I got a lot out of it. I had been through a lot of the techniques and drills for SAQ before but its always good to refresh them and even learnt some new one.  What I found most useful was the progressions into sport specific scenarios and adding the element of competition to keep the athletes switched on and engaged.  overall a very good workshop and I will defiantly keep an eye out for future workshops you run.” 

Patrick Waplington, Sports studies student, University of Hertfordshire. 


”Notwithstanding your professional achievements and expertise,what impressed me the most on the workshop was you. You could have lectured on jelly tots and I would have bought in. Thanks again for a morning well spent.” 

Theo Ezekowitz, Licensed Tennis coach  and S&C Coach.