Workshop Testimonials



”As well as providing a large collection of applicable drills, this course reinforces the basic sports science behind the physical training. It challenges the coach to be creative about warm ups, footwork, strength, speed and coordination training, and to constantly consider ways in which to monitor and challenge their player. The day refreshed my memory of the reasons I got into coaching and I came away with a renewed enthusiasm for developing young athletes. Thank you. ”

Clifford Devonshire, Licensed Tennis Coach.


”Thanks a lot for this excellent course. I have really enjoyed it and have taken a few points back with me.  I would be happy to come along your other courses.”

Sebastien Scaux, Licensed Tennis Coach


”I really enjoyed the workshop and felt I got a lot out of it. I had been through a lot of the techniques and drills for SAQ before but its always good to refresh them and even learnt some new one.  What I found most useful was the progressions into sport specific scenarios and adding the element of competition to keep the athletes switched on and engaged.  overall a very good workshop and I will defiantly keep an eye out for future workshops you run.” 

Patrick Waplington, Sports studies student, University of Hertfordshire. 


”Notwithstanding your professional achievements and expertise,what impressed me the most on the workshop was you. You could have lectured on jelly tots and I would have bought in. Thanks again for a morning well spent.” 

Theo Ezekowitz, Licensed Tennis coach  and S&C Coach.