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Physical Competency Assessment

Whenever I take on new coaches at APA one of the first things we go through is the Physical Competency Assessment (PCA).  In this week’s blog we take a closer look at this assessment. I’ll previously written about one of the assessments- the Overhead squat in a previous blog- which you can read here The […]

FREE Ebook: Endurance training for kids

This blog is one I am really excited to write.  I have been really enjoying being part of a Youth Strength & Conditioning forum on Facebook.  So in the last few days a couple of questions came in that got me fired up and excited to contribute to the discussion.  One question was about sport […]

Nutrition tips for the hot summer days

We have had some seriously hot weather these last few days. I’m not used to it and have found it hard to concentrate.  But with summer upon us it is also making me think about getting myself in a bit better shape.  I recently did a bodyfat test and I was at 15%.  I have […]

Which is better- Back squat or Split Squat?

Mike Boyle wrote Functional Training for Sports in 2004, and since then has been a proponent of unilateral or single leg training. Death of Squatting During promotion for his Functional Strength Coach DVD he went on record to say, ”Squatting is not a lower body exercise.  It is a lower back exercise.  At some point […]

What’s all the fuss about Velocity Based Training??!!

Last week I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my former lecturer Dr. Iain Fletcher.  I love popping in to see ”Fletch” who oversees the BSc in Strength and Conditioning at University of Bedfordshire, is an external examiner for a number of Universities and is also a Tutor and Assessor for the UKSCA. […]

Do these drills and you’ll get Faster!!!

Hey Everybody! In this week’s Blog I am going to give you some examples of the Speed DRILLS that APA use to get our athletes Faster. I take a lot of time at the front end to make sure that the athlete and coach understand what type of speed quality we are working on.  This […]

How to write a Strength Training Programme

In this week’s blog I take you through the three elements you must consider when designing a Strength training programme. Three types of Strength– muscular endurance, maximal strength and maximal power Seven types of Exercise classification Five components of a training session Three Types of Strength This links to a previous episode of Daz Dee […]