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Are you a good coach?

Are you a good coach? This is the question I asked the group of students to think about at the University of Hertfordshire, at my latest Guest lecture for David Turner and his final year sport studies students. Well, to be more specific I asked them to come up with an observation checklist that they […]

APA Job Opportunity and Conference News!

Excited to bring you news of further opportunities with APA.  We are looking for S&C coaches to work with our Partners at Gosling Tennis Academy (Hertfordshire) and Challenge Tennis (Bucks).  Full details are below in the PDF  APA JOB ADVERTNov17 role   Racketedge Tennis Fitness, Sport Science and Coaching Conference Also don’t forget I will […]

Periodisation for Teenagers

This week I had a few comments from parents who were concerned about their children lifting weights.  I also had a great meeting with a tennis team about the annual plan of a 13 year old boy and discussion of his strength & conditioning goals for the year. It’s funny how various coaches I admire […]

Tapering for Tennis?

Hey Everyone!! I am a bit embarrassed to admit it has been over a month since I posted a blog, it feels like I’m in confession!!  In truth, I made a deliberate effort to disconnect for a few weeks on holiday and then I wanted to take my time to digest and reflect on the […]

Tennis Specific Endurance Test

In this post I introduce a couple of Tennis Specific Endurance tests. As I explain in the video above there is a big difference between running in a straight line and running sideways with a tennis racket in your hand.  They require different physical qualities.  Below is a summary of some of the traditional performance […]

Physical Competency Assessment

Whenever I take on new coaches at APA one of the first things we go through is the Physical Competency Assessment (PCA).  In this week’s blog we take a closer look at this assessment. I’ll previously written about one of the assessments- the Overhead squat in a previous blog- which you can read here The […]

FREE Ebook: Endurance training for kids

This blog is one I am really excited to write.  I have been really enjoying being part of a Youth Strength & Conditioning forum on Facebook.  So in the last few days a couple of questions came in that got me fired up and excited to contribute to the discussion.  One question was about sport […]